USA; 09, April 2015: Two leading real estate companies Brivia Group and Tianco Group have jointly invested in a mega city project in Montreal which is now known as YUL project. Both parties have invested huge amount of money and labours to complete this dream project. The Brivia Company is owned by Mr Kheng Ly and this project is his brain child. The sole purpose of this real estate venture is to provide decent living conditions to the citizens of Montreal at an affordable price rate. He also credited the President of Tianco group because without their cooperation it would not be easy to bear the cost of this township project.

Best real estate architects have been employed to start this city project. The downtown area of Montreal has been selected as the project site. This project primarily consists of many luxurious residential quarters with swimming pools and sufficient parking plots. Each apartment of this mega project will have indoor pool and other luxurious facilities. The most remarkable feature of this township project is the plantation of trees for allowing the residents to enjoy the pollution free air all the time. YUL Condo comprised of total 18 townhouses and two 38 storey high riser apartments and some pent house apartments. Residents have the opportunity to book room of any floor of their choice. Besides, each of this high riser apartments shall be comprised of a special lounge for sightseeing of the city of Montreal.

This residential town shall also have shopping malls, plazas, gym centres, spa centres and many more. It ensures smooth supply of water all the time. There will be no interference in the privacy of the residents. There will be 24 hours tight security in this area to prevent theft and robbery. Each room of the apartment has good interior decoration. The kitchens room have all the essential components like sinks and faucets, refrigerator and so on. The bathrooms have good ceramic tile works and also contain geysers to regulate water temperature. The overall architecture of the buildings has good system of ventilation and contains emergency passage in case of any fire accident.

Customers planning to book any room must fill an online registration form. In the form they need to specify their preference budget to book any room besides answering certain other queries. It is expected that residents have no problem in adjusting with this new area. The real estate authorities are also planning to include a community centre hall for regular interaction of the residents living in isolated blocks. The inauguration of this residential town will take place in September. There will be a tight scrutiny of the economic conditions of the customers before allotting them apartment rooms.

About YUL project:

URL Address: of- khengly- and- tianco- group-invest-300 million-in-yul

YUL project is a joint venture of Brivia Group and Tianco Group. The project is the sole idea of Mr Khengly of Brivia group. It is a first mega township project in Montreal. The project comprised of luxurious townhouses, penthouse apartments and two 38th floor high riser apartments. Besides, it also contains other necessary commercial establishments for refreshing city life experience. Viewers can log on to the site for further information.