British tourists are expected to constitute the vast majority of those booking Greece airport shuttles this summer, as circumstances align to make holidays in that Mediterranean country particularly accessible to UK residents. The information is reported by UK tabloid the Daily Mirror, in a website article that also offers a number of accommodation suggestions for interested parties. 

One of the trendiest holiday destinations on offer, Greece is experiencing a particular upswing as 2014 rolls towards its summer season. Aside from the stunning scenery and mild Mediterranean weather, the country is offering another very important incentive to British tourists this year, in the form of significantly lower prices for accommodation and holiday packages. 

This dip in value for Greek holidays comes in the wake of the severe economic crisis the country experienced in 2013. The repercussions forced the majority of hoteliers and accommodation providers operating on the island to cut their prices back, in order to attract more tourists and do better business. This tendency has trickled into 2014, as Greece slowly pulls out of the aforementioned crisis and regains its footing in the Euro zone economy. British tourists are therefore encouraged by the newspaper in question to consider Greece or any of its islands — Crete is particularly recommended – as a potential holiday destination for 2014, particularly if they wish to obtain a bargain. 

The pre-season months, when the weather is sufficiently pleasant but the throngs of tourists have not yet arrived, is also considered by the Mirror to be the ideal time to visit Greece. Tourists who want to explore all the country has to offer in terms of sightseeing, culture, natural walks and beaches without having to deal with crowds are therefore advised to book their holidays for this time of year, rather than the substantially more crowded (and warmer) summer months. Before heading to Greece, airport shuttles should be booked online, advise experts, in order that a quick and easy transfer to travellers’ chosen accommodation is assured. 

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