DPCTED Apparel partnered with Brit Miller of St. Louis Rams to design t-shirts to raise funds for Ed Block Courage House Award Foundation.

St. Louis Rams Running Back, Brit Miller gives back to charity by designing unique and funny t-shirts for DPCTED Apparel, an all-American brand of apparel that encourages positive body image through thought-provoking but funny tees.

“NEVER PICK THE CHUBBY GUY LAST” — a shirt that contains this line might have different meaning for different people. For some, it just a witty rhetoric at girls who snub chubby guys. To others, it is an affirmation that chubby men are better in relationship than men who probably go to the gym a bit more often. But for the children at the Ed Block Courage House Award Foundation, the statement means a brighter future and a better chance in life.

That line is in fact one of the unique and funny statement t-shirts designed by Brit Miller for the All-American brand DPCTED Apparel to help raise financial support for the children who were victims of abused and neglect under the care of by the Ed Block Courage House Award Foundation, Inc. Parts of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales will go directly to the Foundation to help run the 23 courage houses across the US that are dedicated  at improving the quality of lives of abused, neglected and  at risk children

Running under the hashtag, #chubbydomination, the funny tees designed by Brit Miller do not only support children who suffered from abuse and neglect. The t-shirts also promote the advocacy championed by DPCTED Apparel to celebrate the tantalizing features in individuals and promote a positive body image for everyone. Through the witty statements on chubby guys’ dating experience such as “IF THE SHIRT AIN’T TIGHT, THE CHUBBY AIN’T RIGHT,” DPCTED Apparel and Brit Miller use humor to bring focus on some relevant issues that need attention.

In order to raise more support for the foundation, everyone is encouraged to spread the word on this exciting program to help the children of foundation.

The #chubbydomination t-shirts are just a few clicks away. Spread positive body image and help children at the same time. Get the funny tees at DPCTED apparel!

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