In a world known for short lived products and tons of low quality copycats, BrightTouch is offering a new kind of 100% guarantee to all customers who purchase any BrightTouch products. Doing so has put the company in the forefront of similar businesses and made set them securely in the spotlight.

There are plenty of aspects that lead a product to be successful, but the BrightTouch company believes that a great product, backed by an industry leading guarantee are the two most important. That’s why they are offering their 100% customer happiness guarantee on the newest product, their fairy string lights.

The newest BrightTouch product, Fairy String Lights in three different colors, has hit the market hard and is proving to be one of the most successful fairy light products released. With special launch pricing on a product that is safe for kids, pets, and daily use, it is the guarantee that the company claims is responsible for the above and beyond success so far.

“We offer a full, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every one of our products, including these new fairy lights,” James Nikol tells us. “That means if something goes wrong, if the lights go out, or if a customer just doesn’t like them, they can contact our award winning customer care for a replacement or refund, without any questions asked.”

What drives a company like BrightTouch to offer such a guarantee?

“Every one here at BrightTouch is a customer as well. We know how we feel when we end up with a product that just doesn’t stand up to the hype,” says Nikol. “As the leaders of our own company, we want to make sure that none of our customers ever feel that way because of one of our products.”

Sales of the company’s newest product have proven to be more than expected, and while a lot of credit is given to the guarantee that the company offers, there are other features that these lights come with that make them well loved. Low power consumption is a big deal with consumers these days, and most customers are claiming that they love the fact that these can be plugged into any USB outlet. Finally, transparent mounting stickers allow customers to put these lights up anywhere and use them for a number of different purposes.

To celebrate the launch of this new product, BrightTouch is offering all three colors on Amazon for a special launch price. Customer can now purchase one or more strings of lights for less than normal retail, and of course, each strand comes with the award winning 100% guarantee as well.

About BrightTouch: BrightTouch is a small company, owned and operated by family. With a growing customer base, they never cut corners but instead offer each and every customer the same treatment that they would want in return. They are excited that their newest product is bringing in such a response and they plan to continue to offer quality products along with their well loved guarantee.

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