China - Fiber optical fusion splicer is one kind of processing device which could be mainly used for construction and maintenance of the normally optical communications cable. As the introduction of engineer from famous cable fusion splicer supplier Eloik Communication Equipment Technology Co., Ltd, the General working principle is to use high-pressure arc to melting the two fiber sections and then the high precision motion of the inner related components will gently push the fiber optical forward to allow two fibers fused into one. This machine could accuracy achieve the coupling of the fiber mode field.

Generally speaking, the fusion splicer could be divided into many types according to the different application areas and the working requirements. Now, the professional engineer will introduce with people these types of fiber optical fusion splicer.

The common China fusion splicer generally refers to the Single core Fiber optical Fusion Splicer. In addition, there are also special ribbon fiber splice fiber welding machine that could be used for integrating two ribbon fibers optical. On the other hand, there are also special machines which could be used for welding drop cable, jumping covered wire welding machines and splicing machine for welding protection partial optical fiber.

According to the different ways for fiber optical alignment, all of these fiber optical fusion splicer could also be be divided into two categories which are Alignment type cladding fusion splicer and core alignment style of fiber optical fusion splicer. Alignment type cladding fiber splicer is mainly used for the fiber optical in less demanding occasions so the price of this kind of machine is relatively low. On the other hand, the fiber core alignment fusion splicer has been equipped with six precision motors structure, specially designed optics and very excellent software algorithms which could help to accurately identify fiber type and automatically select the better matching splice mode to ensure the welding quality. As the high technology content of this sort of fusion splicer, the price of this machine will be relatively higher than other ordinary machine such as the splicer that has been introduced before.

No matter which type of the fiber optical fusion splicer, people should choose this device based on their own demand and the requirement of working environments. If people have fully interesting about this device, please do not hesitate to visit website

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