Developing a hypnotic introduction that is said to work on all of his clients, California-based professional of personal, clinical and academic experience frees hundreds of people from smoking, weight gain, shyness, insecurity, fear and more.

Chico, CA — July 06, 2016 — Brian Stracner — also known as the HypnoSwami — has become one of the most recognized names on the hypnotism circuit, even going so far as to open his own Srotananda Institute of hypnosis training in Chico, California, where he teaches a plethora of courses and leads training seminars to certify students as official hypnotists. Beyond his credentials as a professional individual of clinical, personal and academic experience, the HypnoSwami has gained notoriety for being featured on channel 24’s Action News and Living Well Talk Radio and in The Lotus Guide and Golf Gazette.

According to Stracner, he is the only hypnotist in the world to have been tested live by TV news and journalism skeptics — once for channel 24’s Action News and another time with a skeptical journalist with the Chico News and Review. He has also been featured on TeenUSA as a leading performer, singled out for his stage hypnotism routine and mentalist comedy shows. In collaborating with world-renowned hypnotists such as Johnathan Royle and Tom Silver, the HypnoSwami has created four successful businesses including North State Hypnosis, The HypnoSwami Show, Srotananda Institute, and Soaring-Chi Yoga.

“When I sat down with Howard Hardee of the Chico News and Review, it was clear he was skeptical, but lo and behold, through my introduction technique, he was able to ‘get into the zone’ — feeling calm, focused and relaxed,” explains Stracner.“I was able to tell just from Howard’s body language, clothes and speech that he was naturally introverted, and introverted people don’t like to be controlled…it has to be a matter of self-actualization. Instead of telling them what’s going to happen, it has to manifest in their own minds.”

The HypnoSwami sees this as a reason hypnotists often fail to induce some clients. “There are many hypnotists out there who can’t hypnotize about half the population,” he adds.

During his hypnotism journeys, theHypnoSwami has helped hundreds of clients free themselves from the proverbial chains of smoking, weight gain, shyness, insecurity and fear while also helping them find enlightenment. He has experienced success by improving particular facets of people's lives, and it's this experience that's been the driving factor behind his confidence in being able to help prospective clients.

“The journey of life that I am on has created a passion deep within my own essence…a desire to help people in any way I can, while allowing them to blossom into who they want to become in each and every way,” concludes Stracner.

Brian “the HypnoSwami” Stracner is not only a hypnotist but a professionally-trained chef, personal fitness trainer, nutrition coach, life coach, yogi, teacher, public speaker and published author, and boasts a plethora of other hobbies, specialties, certifications and diplomas. What's more, he has been extending his expertise in the trance medium since the 1980s, has helped a myriad of patients in clinical practice for seven years and has been operating North State Hypnosis for the past decade.

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