The best retirement plans are those that provide steady income for a safe financial future, no matter how long a person is retired. With the economy in such uncertain shape, is it even possible to structure retirement investing so that safety is assured? Brian Carruthers of Brian Carruthers and Associates, located on the web at , believes it is.

"It is essential to choose the right qualified retirement plan if you want future financial security," Carruthers says. "Retirement investment strategies that only look at returns only tell part of the story. A safe retirement plan takes into account all of the complex factors that will determine if you have enough money to support your lifestyle in the coming years."

According to Brian Carruthers, there are several factors that must be considered before choosing a retirement plan. These include the status of other investments, liability structures, future plans for a self-owned business or company and even the projected inflation rate. Failure to consider all of the factors surrounding retirement can lead to a situation in which the retiree may not have enough money to meet financial needs during the retirement period, a time that often lasts for twenty years or more. In order to have enough money to retire safely, it is important for investors to understand how each of these factors works together to determine the future value of a portfolio.

Carruthers offers retirement advice and recommends many types of retirement plans through his work with Brian Carruthers and Associates. This fee-based financial planner service offers a variety of self-employed retirement plans and professional assistance from qualified financial advisers for investment planning. BCA can offer anything from a simple retirement plan to small business retirement plans to meet every client need.

Brian Carruthers has been working with those who want to plan for a safe retirement for more than 23 years. Currently, Brian Carruthers and Associates manages in excess of $70 million in retirement and investment portfolios.

About Brian Carruthers:

Brian Carruthers began his career as an investment advisor by starting his own firm in 1990. Brian Carruthers and Associates utilizes unique investment strategies to manage portfolios for clients with $250,000 or more in assets. BCA's strategies allow clients to meet investment goals and ensure a safe and happy retirement.

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