If you have ever thought of weaning your child because you think you don’t have enough milk, think again! Not only is breast milk healthier for infants, but it avoids the costs and dangers with formulas.

“The infant formula can cost between $134 and $491 per month, which can cause financial strain to growing families,” said Diane Walters, owner of http://www.BoostYourMilk.com . “Furthermore, the cells, hormones and anti-bodies in the breast milk can prevent a variety of illnesses, such as asthma and respiratory infections.”

Studies have shown that this protection is unique because typical infant formula cannot match the all-natural chemical makeup of human breast milk. In addition, these formulas are not strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and may not fully inform the public if there is a recall in a particular formula — some children have passed away because of a poorly-made batch of formula.

BoostYourMilk.com offers guidance and reading material that can help any breastfeeding mother to produce more milk , especially if she is experiencing difficulty with a low milk supply. There are several techniques and additional information available for free at the website to help women increase their milk supply — or boost their supply even more!

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Diane Walters
New York, US
pr (at) boostyourmilk.com