Circuit breakers at , panel boards at and other electric components are important pieces of equipment, but the task of creating an exciting website about them may seem daunting. Nevertheless, that is exactly what Breaker Outlet has been able to accomplish with its new website design that not only offers one of the largest circuit breaker selections on the planet but also includes great resources for those researching the use of particular circuit brands.

After months of work, the company is ready to launch its new web design. Focusing on the right content and easy navigation, the new website makes it easy to find everything from a magnetic starter, to a garden-variety circuit breaker that will give a home or business years of practical and safe use.

One of the goals of the new Breaker Outlet website creation team was to move away from the technical but boring designs of most websites and focus on intuitive placement of all pages so that anyone navigating the site could easily find a wealth of information on a particular brand or part. Whether the visitor is a plant maintenance manager, a property manager, warehouse manager or small retail store, the new Breaker Outlet website is easy to use and provides the most information to be found in one place on the web about circuit breakers and electrical components.

About Breaker Outlet:

Breaker Outlet is an online circuit breaker and electrical component retailer that focuses on meeting the needs of a diverse group of electricians and technical experts. With Breaker Outlet’s wide selection, customers know they are always getting the best options for quality circuitry and materials.

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