Mortgage Broker Store in Ontario has been helping homeowners across the province get alternative financing. They are now looking to expand into the Brantford market.

Second mortgages in Brantford are additional loans that homeowners can take on their house even after it has been mortgaged. Most lenders consider these loans to be riskier than a first mortgage — because they will be in the 2nd position on the property’s title.

One of the special services offered by Mortgage Broker Store is stopping Power of Sale and Foreclosure. When homeowners default on paying their mortgages and the property is taken into possession — either through a Power of Sale or a Foreclosure — the first lender will be paid first then the second lender is paid.

To prevent this situation, Mortgage Broker Store is now providing second mortgages in Brantford while ensuring that the homeowners are able to clear their loans. In most cases, the company helps the homeowners find alternatives financing — such as showing them how to rent out their basements or garages for additional income. By so doing, it becomes easier for them to pay off their mortgages with less hassle.

Most homeowners who seek out the Mortgage Broker Store usually have weak credit and a low income. Ron Alphonso, who works at the company advises, “If you find yourself facing a Power of Sale, your best bet is to get in touch with Mortgage Broker Store to apply for a second mortgage in Brantford.” He adds that by consolidating your debt, you will be better empowered to stop Power of Sale, get your financial affairs in order, and receive the funding that will enable you keep your home.

The second mortgage you receive will make it easier for you to consolidate your debt. Further, it can help you meet any other financial commitments you might have in good time. In the long run, your credit score will improve drastically and you will be able to get back on your feet, financially speaking.

To find out whether applicants apply, Mortgage Broker Store typically looks at two main criteria: home equity, and secured debts on the property.

Homeowners in the area can now relax knowing that they can easily stop Power of Sale and any other actions leveled against their ownership of the title to their property. This is thanks to the second mortgages in Brantford that Mortgage Broker Store can provide.

To learn more about second mortgages in Ontario, get in touch with Ron at  or call them at 416-499-2122.

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