China, December 09, 2013: HK Rui Qi Development Co. is a Chinese firm involved in manufacturing of world-class products for international sound system companies. It was established in 2006 and exports products to the USA, the Middle East, Europe, Australia and Russia. The companies for which HK Rui Qi manufactures goods are evidence of the quality of earphones and headphones manufactured by the Chinese company. The company has creative, enthusiastic and ambitious team of professionals and managers who ensure that the operations of the company flow uninterrupted. Fast shipping and great after sales service are characteristics of the manufacturer that have made it a leading firm in the World.

Sennheiser noise-isolation earphones manufactured by HK Rui Qi are worth mentioning among the products of the company. Sennheiser products are available for all devices as well as exclusively for specific companies. For instance, Sennheiser IE8i earphones are exclusively for iPhones. They have smart remote features and unique sound tuning functions that enable users to tweak the bass response precisely according to their personal preference. They have small screw for each ear. Their drivers can respond to such low frequencies of sound that users will seem to feel them instead of hear them. The dynamic speaker and neodymium drivers produce premium sound quality. The smart remote unit provided with Sennheiser noise isolation earphones lets users to reject or end calls and activate voice control without fiddling with the device. The remote lets users play, pause, stop, and move to next or previous record and change sound volume by voice command. It automatically interrupts playback during call and returns to playback as the call in ended.

Another competitive product that is proof of high class finish provided by HK Rui Qi is Beats by Dr.Dre In-Ear Headphones. These accessories are amalgamation of earphones and headphones in a way. Though they are in-ear phones, their busted ear buds have characteristics of headphones. They are durable and play crucial role in the clarity of sound that users hear. Its metal housing is precisely built with single billet to prevent unwanted sound and vibration that taint listening experience.

Bose does not need any introduction in sound systems and so dies its products. SIE2i Sport Gym Running Earbud Headphones are among those Bose products that are manufactured by HK Rui Qi. They feature acoustic headphone by TriPort. Since it is meant for exercises and sports, they are resistant to sweat and weather conditions. The Proprietary StayHear tips of the sport running headphones ensure a secure fit even during vigorous workouts. The sound quality of these headphones is so good that listeners would feel isolated from outside sound while the device lets them stay aware of the surroundings.

About HK Rui Qi Development Co.:


HK Rui Qi Development Co. is a Chinese manufacturing firm that produces earphones and headphones for some of the top companies in the World such as Bose, Pioneer and Sennheiser. The company started operations in 2006 and soon became exporter to Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the USA and South America.