12, May 2015: 24 Hour Boxing© announced that the sport of boxing will be experiencing exponential growth over the next 15 years. This is attributed to Macao S.A.R, China in becoming the world’s number one gambling destination with gambling revenues many times that of Las Vegas and the rise of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) economies.

In China alone, the growth of boxing has been tremendous and its family friendly nature has made it immensely popular. India’s middle class alone is over 300 million people (size of the U.S. population) and boxing has been growing quickly in popularity in its largest cities. Brazil with a population of over 300 million people has been known more for MMA but has recently witnessed the sharp growth of boxing in its society. Russia with its large population and track record of Olympic boxing medalists has been at the forefront of boxing in Central Asia, influencing its neighbors to follow suit. Kambiz Mostofizadeh of international boxing brand 24 Hour Boxing© said “With over 50 million boxing fans in the United States, boxing is a permanent fixture in the American sports industry.

Evolving markets are vital for increasing the amount of events held. According to the World Bank, China has become the largest economy in the world as of 2015 and this means fast growth in all sectors especially sports entertainment. The future of boxing is guaranteed in these areas that have not traditionally been a large proponent of boxing. You are going to witness large investments in their sports infrastructure with with the building of new stadiums and training facilities taking priority. China will experience the largest growth and it has Macao as its showcase for hosting the largest names in boxing.

Hotels in Macao have spent billions of dollars to provide world class entertainment and the ability to host major boxing events will ensure their future success. The future trend points to higher involvement by private corporations and government officials in the BRIC nations to ensure that the proper amount of attention is given to protecting, preserving, and promoting one of the world’s most loved sports and by far the world’s most popular combat sport.

Boxing promoters and boxing industry professionals should look to the BRIC nations as a source of future growth for this wonderful and exciting sport.” Visit www.24HourBoxing.com for more information.