Risk free service — Get your fees back if your Crowd funding campaign gets no funding.

May 27, 2014 — Devs Music has launched a one of kind service that bridges the gap between crowd funding seekers and the actual funders. With thousand of crowd funding campaigns added everyday online there are very high chances of your crowd funding campaign ending without any funding due to lack fo the right promotion. Devs Music offers a special service geared towards making your crowd funding campaign a success.

Devs Music charges certain fees for promoting your crowd funding campaign and a percentage commission of the crowd funding amount secured but the most fascinating part of this service is that if your crowd funding campaign gets no funds from Devs Music efforts within 90 days of signing up then your full fees are returned to you, no questions asked. This gives the client complete peace of mind when signing up for the service, as Mr Dev said “The main reason for starting such a service is to genuinely encourage and help new start ups looking for funding for their innovative ideas and projects. Since Devs Music itself has gone through many such experiences they seem to truly realise the financials worries of new entrepreneurs and start ups and sincerely wish to make a difference to others.

Using the network of its clients over the years Devs Music has devised a three level Crowd funding plan for crowd funding campaigns of various sizes — small, medium and big. The Gold Plan is for the big campaigns of $18000 and above, whereas the Silver Plan is for medium campaigns of $2000 to $18000 and finally the Bronze Plan is for smaller campaigns of upto $2000.

This service is a boon to people looking to fund their crowd funding campaigns and have no clue where to start. Devs Music does complete analysis of the client’s crowd funding campaign and promoted the campaign to the right people suited to the crowd funding campaign. Further details of the crowd funding plans can be found here http://www.devsmusic.in/collections/devs-music-sponsorships-search-service

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