26, February 2016: Through the years, Boost My Campaign has never failed to help thousands of fundraisers when it comes to raising money for their respective causes that will benefit the community in return. This crowdfunding marketing agency happily announced that they were able to help fundraisers in making their projects known by the world.

Boost My Campaign focuses on helping different fundraisers when it comes to getting the sympathy and support of the entire society. They happily announced that they were able to help their clients to raise more than 7 million dollars.

As a crowdfunding marketing agency, Boost My Campaign works in partnership with IndieGoGo. This company is dedicated to providing a comprehensive professional service which results to an excellent crowdfunding marketing campaign that comes with some ideal features which are designed to match the requirements of any startup professional. Boost My Campaign knows that every fundraiser is in need of excellent assistance and perfect assistance do includes the latest technologies, innovative features and a knowledgeable group. This company comes with its team of crowdfunding experts who are responsible for providing a wide range of services that their customers will enjoy while they get registered. With the services they render, they assure their clients that their crowdfunding PR would grow at a great pace. They back up their customers with a press release and they start marketing the campaigns of their customers through social media. They also go offline as they promote the crowdfunding campaigns of their customers through TV, radio and exclusive multimedia. Apart from that, they also offer backers for all their clients. Each of the plans they offer comes with a least number of genuine backers and they assure their clients that they do not need to worry regarding the success of their campaigns. While the campaigns are ongoing, Boost My Campaign will assign one of their personal assistants to assist their clients and take care of their needs. Each member of their team is focused on helping their clients to ensure the success of their campaign in the end.

Crowdfunding is among the most effective as well as innovative ways of raising funds for a specific venture. Boost My Campaign is a crowdfunding marketing service provider that is dedicated to providing high quality services to all fundraisers.

To know more about Boost My Campaign, please do not hesitate to visit http://www.boostmycampaign.com/. For inquiries, contact them through this page: http://www.boostmycampaign.com/contact/.

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