BookBuddy 7.9.0 now provides the ability to sync BookBuddy library across multiple iOS devices in a seamless way.

Hertzeliya, Israel
Kimico Ltd., a leading provider of premium quality apps for iOS devices, has announced the release and immediate availability of BookBuddy 7.9.0, the eagerly anticipated update of the leading book-management app for iOS devices. BookBuddy 7.9.0 now provides the ability to sync BookBuddy library across multiple iOS devices in a seamless way, letting the user choose his or her preferred cloud synchronization service.

BookBuddy 7.9.0 makes it possible to sync the BookBuddy library across multiple iOS devices using either iCloud or Dropbox cloud synchronization. Once the synchronization is enabled, regardless of which sync service has been selected, the changes applied to the BookBuddy library on any of the user's iOS devices will be automatically and transparently replicated to the other iOS devices.

Compatibility with both iCloud and Dropbox sync services should make it possible to target the majority of real-world synchronization cases. Syncing BookBuddy using iCloud would generally target cases where a person who has multiple iOS devices wants to keep them all in sync. Syncing with Dropbox would mostly target cases where multiple users, each with a separate iOS device and his/her own iCloud account, want to keep their devices in sync. A common case for that would be when a family member wants to share her home library with her family, or a teacher who wants to manage a classroom library together with her colleagues.

"The ability to synchronize the entire BookBuddy library across multiple devices is a crucial requirement presented by our users since the day that app was introduced on the App Store," said Mr. Yoash Adato, the founder and president of Kimico, Ltd. "Now, having overcome many obstacles and succeeded in a long development effort, we are thrilled to announce the availability of a powerful synchronization service that, as an exclusive feature, uses both iCloud and Dropbox cloud services."

Pricing and Availability:
BookBuddy 7.9.0 is Free (with in-app purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store.

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