Bellevue, WA  April 22, 2015
Many children are fascinated by life in pioneer times. They may find themselves captivated by the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder, whose stories of life in that age inspired the popular TV series “Little House on the Prairie”.  Thanks to a book by Washington-based author Amber Richards, children who wonder what everyday life was like for Pioneer girls can discover the answers to many of their questions and even try out a couple of baking projects to get a taste of authentic pioneer cooking.

The book, A Pioneer Girl Learns to Cook Apple Pie and Biscuits, is available as a paperback, an audiobook and as a Kindle eBook. The text is charmingly illustrated with photographs and line drawings to bring the age vividly to life for young readers.

While the book is written for children, aged eight to thirteen, it will also delight parents who wish to encourage their child’s interest in American history as well as introducing them to ideas which the whole family can discuss, such as recycling, frugal living and sustainability. The book also provides two Pioneer recipes that children can try making with the help of an adult—one for apple pie and another for biscuits. The book could even be used as inspiration for creative projects such as writing stories about life in pioneer times or illustrating scenes from life then.

The pioneer times have almost passed from memory, but, as the book points out, the evidence of those days can still be seen in many places for people who know what to look for. Life then was hard compared to the lives of many people today and even young children were expected to help with chores such as sewing, mending, fruit picking and even caring for cows and other animals. It is a way of life that has much to teach us, author Amber Richards believes. She says: “My hope as an author is to help kids to connect with, and get a feel for life in early American history in an engaging way”.

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