Bellevue, Wa  May 12, 2015
There is no mystery about the enduring popularity of picnics: enjoying a delicious meal outdoors in the company of dear friends or family members is a special experience and one that is sure to linger in the minds of all the guests long after the hazy summer months have faded into memory. Moreover, with a little careful planning, organizing a picnic is both easy and affordable, as an informative and entertaining book by Pacific Northwest author Amber Richards demonstrates.

The book,  The Picnic Book for Family or Romance: Create Memorable Times Outdoors Plus Favorite Picnic Food Recipes, places all the information would-be picnic organizers need right at their fingertips. Whether you wish to organize a fun day out for the whole family or a romantic escape just for you and someone special, the book offers a wealth of practical tips, from selecting the perfect location to transporting everyone there with the minimum of fuss and bother, as well as creative ideas to help you add the finishing touches that will make your picnic an occasion to remember.

Of course, no picnic would be complete without a tasty and imaginative selection of food for the guests to enjoy. Picnic organizers in search of culinary inspiration—as well as guests who wish to contribute a dish or two to their host’s picnic—can find answers in the pages of The Picnic Book for Family or Romance, which features a cornucopia of recipes ideal for al fresco eating, including creative ideas for salads, dips, sandwiches and pastries.

As the book’s author, Amber Richards, points out, al fresco dining has been an important feature of human life since the earliest times: “The picnics that we know today have their roots in traditions such as medieval hunting feasts, the lavish country banquets of Renaissance times and even the garden parties that were popular with the European aristocracy. Picnicking has never truly lost any of its appeal, although in today’s fast-paced world it is sometimes forgotten as an inexpensive way for people to enjoy a day together in the great outdoors.”

Amber Richards is the author of numerous books on practical and craft topics, including Pest Control for Organic Gardening: Natural Methods for Pest and Disease Control for a Healthy Garden and Make Your Own Essential Oils from Raw Plants Using Oils and Herbs for Optimum Health. Her books are available in print and electronic formats from Amazon.  For more information please visit her blog at:

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