mmCraig Reid is a specialist consultant for Australian cafés who has released the book The Complete Guide to Buying a Café. This practical and informative guide covers essential information that prospective café owners will need to navigate the buying process.

Also known as The Café Ninja, Craig established and sold his own café before progressing to become a café consultant, to help others grow their own profitable business. He has worked in several Australian states and gained an extensive understanding of this niche industry. Craig knows only too well the passion that many food-loving entrepreneurs have, and also the problems and pitfalls they come across when attempting to turn their dream into a financially rewarding reality.

‘I was often sitting down with friends, in pubs and cafés myself, and hearing about their ideas of owning a café. As a professional consultant, my brain was constantly being picked by people I knew, and I realised there was a demand for a book on the subject,’ explains Craig.

The Complete Guide to Buying a Café provides insightful information, and answers the frequently asked questions about buying a café in Australia. This book explores issues, such as choosing a location, assessing your own lifestyle desires, and most importantly entering the industry with a realistic and informed attitude.

The Complete Guide to Buying a Café can be purchased through all good book stores, and also online at

ISBN: 978-1-921673-53-5

RRP: AU$29.95

For further information, media contact and interviews, contact Craig Reid: [email protected] or 0400731029.