Bollywood Stars bare it all on season two of

UTV STARS’ show YehHaiMeriKahaani!

“Without Struggle There Is No Success” goes a famous saying…

Come February, and audiences will witness the most inspirational tales of perseverance and success of their favorite Bollywood superstars in a brand new season of popular show ‘YehHaiMeriKahaani’. Following an extremely successful season one, season two of this unique show will continue to bring to viewers inspirational storiesof everyone’s favorite Bollywood stars and the real life lessons, principals and values on which these extremely successful icons of modern day India base their lives on.

While aspiring to achieve the fame and glory of these superstars, fans often overlook their tedious journey to reach the pinnacles of success. The show, ‘YehHaiMeriKahaani’ will bridge this gapby showcasing themost heartwarming journeys of Bollywood struggles and success. This show will not only make their fans privy to the less spoken aspects of their favorite superstar, but will also showcase what it takes to be as successful as them.

Delivering on UTV Star’s promise of being the ultimate insider of Bollywood, YehMeriKahaani is a unique format wherein the stars speak at length about their journey from the very beginning of their careers in the industry. Each episode features one Star and spans his/her journey in Bollywood.

YehHaiMeriKahaaniseason two will feature 13 episodes with Bollywood Big wigs such as the iconic superstar, ‘Amitabh Bachchan’, the supremely talented Rani Mukherjee and the actor with boyish charm, Shahid Kapoor.

The show will go on air on 17th February and will be hosted by Manish Dubey, a well-known name in film journalism and Programming Head - UTV Stars.


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