Bollywood hungama on Boogie Woogie


Get ready for some dance, masti and dhamaal as the talented contestants of Boogie Woogie will groove to the beats of their favourite Bollywood stars.

Ayush will be seen performing on Salman Khan’s songs while Chirasmita and Priyanka will be seen performing on Vidya Balan’s and Aishwarya Rai’s songs respectively. The adorable Bebechana will be seen flying in the air as she performs an aerial act for the first time. Smriti will be in for a  surprise as her Dad will enter the Boogie Woogie stage with a bowl of Chicken Curry cooked by him. Host Rakshit Wahi will also try to portray his favourite star, but unfortunately gets confused as to who is his favorite star. So he will be seen dressed absurdly in Shahrukh Khan’s Mohobbatein sweater, Aamir khan’s hat, Krissh’s mask and Salman Khan’s bracelet. 

This is not all! Amidst the performances, the star cast of the upcoming film, ‘Yariyaan’ will be seen performing on the famous song ‘Suuny Sunny’ from their movie. All the kids will then come and perform ‘Boo’ with them

Watch the fun on Boogie Woogie this Saturday, Sunday 8:30pm only on Sony Entertainment Television



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