Easthampton, MA, May 1, 2015 - Bold New Directions is proud to announce that they have seen a steady increase in Presentation Training Boston and have delivered several outstanding programs in Q1 of 2015. “Presentation training Boston is one of our key markets” states Sales Director, Lauren O’Boyle. “The interest for Presentation training Boston is gaining momentum and our office is fielding calls daily” she adds. Bold New Directions’ talented faculty has delivered several extremely successful Presentation trainings in 2015 so far. “We expect to deliver repeat trainings to at least 3 of these clients within the year” Ms. O’Boyle adds.

Presentation training Boston serves a variety of industries including Finance, Insurance, Science and Technology and Consulting. “The companies reaching out for presentation training are leaders in their fields” Director of Learning, Suzanne Guthrie notes. “The participants in our presentation training Boston classes are on the face of their organization; responsible for delivering information in an engaging, concise and persuasive way. There is a lot on the line for them” She adds. “A two day presentation training will address many key issue around presenting including: voice, stance, audience engagement and responding to questions.”

The innovative Presentation trainings delivered by Bold New Directions are experiential in nature. An intricate mix of instruction, practice and feedback are what make this program so effective. Participants are engaged from the start and make huge strides throughout the day due to consistent practice. Bold New Directions co-founder Jim Hornickel states “it takes our brains 21-90 days of practice to re-write our physical patterns and establish new routes within the brain. It’s neuro-science.” With that as the philosophy behind our training practices, it makes sense to conduct trainings that are experiential in nature.

Presentation training Boston is one of Bold New Directions’ fastest growing programs. Organizations see the value of training their client-facing teams in presentations. If those representing one’s organization are solid and engaging presenters, then the image of the organization is strong and trustworthy.

Presentations can vary in their purpose as well and the presentation training Boston programs delivered by the Presentation Training Institute and Bold New Directions can design a program to meet each client’s specific needs. We deliver a program called Savvy Sales Presentations that focuses solely on sales presentations. There are different skills needed for sales presentation than for data driven informational presentations. Presentation training Boston can help distinguish the differences and deliver a powerful presentation training that is exclusive to your organization.

About Bold New Directions
Established as a global learning company, Bold New Directions strives to involve participants in experiential courses that transform the way they perform at work. Its diverse client base consists of banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.

To learn more about the various training programs offered by Bold New Directions, including presentation training Boston please visit http://www.boldnewdirections.com or call us at 1-800-501-1245.