Easthampton, MA-June 1, 2015 - With a brand new website up and running, it is clear that Bold New Directions is leading the way in providing presentation training for professionals worldwide.

Their Powerful Presentations training was recently delivered to an international marketing corporation in Boston and they have been asked to deliver this same successful training to their team in London this summer. The presentation training Boston was a success in every way. The client was receptive to the presentation training content and felt that the Instructor, Suzanne Guthrie really understood their needs and conducted the presentation training expertly.

Boston is a vibrant market for presentation training and we are seeing an influx of inquiries for both our Powerful Presentations and Executive Presentations trainings. “Presentation training Boston has become a focal point of our efforts”, states Director of Training for Bold New Directions, Jim Hornickel. “These efforts are yielding great dividends in the form of increased business and repeat business as well” he adds. We are also seeing interest from a wide variety of markets and industries including finance, medical, IT and marketing.

“The reason for the increase in repeat business is directly related to the effectiveness of our presentation trainings”, states Lauren O’Boyle, Training Coordinator for Bold New Directions. “Our presentation training Boston initiative is proving hugely successful” she adds.

Bold New Directions has delivered their signature Powerful Presentationsâ„¢ to teams at American Science and Engineering as well as Abiomed, both highly respected scientific corporations in Boston. The recent 2 day Powerful Presentation training in Boston was delivered to a marketing sales team. This is the same client who will be having a Bold New Directions Instructor conduct the same presentation training program in London.

“Boston is becoming a recognized player on the global training field” Mr. Hornickel includes. “We plan to seize the opportunity that our presentation training Boston initiative is generating and roll out powerful and relevant presentation trainings to many more corporations in this thriving city and abroad as well.”

Bold New Directions and The Presentation Training Institute plan to bring on more talented and experienced Faculty to meet the demand for innovative and experiential presentation training as well.

An additional offering through our presentation training Boston initiative is Executive Presentation Coaching. This one on one individualized coaching is extremely useful for top level Executives who wish to polish their skills even further. “We can always improve and add to our skill set, no matter how experienced we are” states Director of Training and program designer, Jim Hornickel. Presentation training is not a cookie-cutter event. “Our goals at Bold New Directions and the Presentation Training Institute are to work with participants to improve and strengthen their own unique skills that lend value to their professional lives” adds Mr. Hornickel.

Another key program as outlined in our presentation training Boston initiative is Business Communication and Presentation Skills. This important program is excellent for professionals who need to improve not only their presentation skills but also their business communication effectiveness, both written and verbal. This is also an experiential presentation training that has received very positive feedback from key clients such as Boeing and Pratt & Whitney.

About Bold New Directions
Established as a global learning company, Bold New Directions strives to involve participants in experiential courses that transform the way they perform at work. Its diverse client base consists of banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.

To learn more about the Bold New Directions(http://www.boldnewdirections.com/) and their Presentation training Boston initiative, please visit http://www.presentationtraininginstitute.com or call 1-800-501-1245.