Easthampton MA, February 1, 2016 — Bold New Directions recently delivered their signature Management 101 program, Management Essentials to a team of new Supervisors at a national distribution firm. “We were contacted by this firm with whom we have a long-standing relationship” states Training Coordinator Lauren O’Boyle. She continues “they reached out for this Management Essentials training for their new hires due to a recent expansion. They knew we could help bring this group up to speed as new Supervisors in the organization.”

Becoming a new supervisor, while exciting, can also bring about fear and uncertainty in one’s ability to rise to the challenge. A program like Management Essentials addresses both the hard and soft skills of managing and offers a well-rounded training experience for the participants. Topics such as time management and delegation are critical to learn in order to manage a team efficiently. However, the softer skills such as communication, conflict resolution and courage are also vital to one’s growth and overall success as a Supervisor. “This Management Essentials training course provides a effective blend of skills through instruction, experience and feedback” mentions Director of Learning Solutions, Suzanne Guthrie. “The interactive and experiential format for our Management Essentials program helps participants put action to theory” she adds, “creating the opportunity for both skill building and revelation.”

The Management Essentials training program is also a wise starting point for managers or supervisors who may not be new, but are in need of foundational training or refresher training. If you are not new, this course may open your eyes to an entire new approach to managing and leading your team. Director of Learning Solutions Suzanne Guthrie comments, “An interactive and experiential Management Training program such as Management Essentials will set a strong foundation for new and existing managers and allow them to become confident leaders within their organizations.” She also states, “This foundational Management Essentials program will continue to serve new and veteran managers for years to come because we encourage growth and evolution as well as skill building.”

Whether your managers are brand new or seasoned and in need of fresh training, Management Essentials can provide your team members with a new set of tools with which to supervise, grow, lead and change.

About Bold New Directions
Established as a global learning company Bold New Directions involves participants in experiential management training seminars, such as Management Essentials that transform the way participants perform at work. To learn more about the onsite management training seminars available for your staff please visit our website at http://www.boldnewdirections.com or call us at 1-800-501-1245.