They cater to all kinds of stationery materials. Always as a forerunner in the field of quality materials, boccicarta has expanded its market all over the realm of Italy. Started in the year 1950, this company is marked with thorough professionalism. Based in pizza stonemasons, they have created a niche for themselves in the world of quality stationary. What sets them apart from the rest is the kind of workmanship they have put into their products. The products at bocci have lots of variants and creativity. All the products have attractive designs and a mark of quality embossed in them. Boccicarta puts in lots of efforts in terms of their product quality.

Articoli da regalo caters to all kinds of packaging, paper works, stationery items, seasonal items, and favors for any occasions etc. They have all the latest stationeries in the form of chart papers, cardboards, clipboards, pens, pencils and everything attractive to put in a classroom. The distinct thing about this boccicarta is that they supply any number of items for the customer. They have their store located in a spacious place that houses number of items in display. They now deal in furniture and other household items for the customers. Customer’s satisfaction is their priority. When they are not able to supply the amount of items that are ordered by the customers they will arrange for it in very less time.

Articoli da regalo also have a distinct range of cake supplies. For any occasion like wedding, birthdays and celebration they offer cake service. They have a list of cakes designs the customer can choose from. They also help in planning out themes for occasions and supply the materials as it demands. Catering upon the theme with all the required sets of items is their specialization. They have extensive range of food and drinks catering service too. They can be contacted through the email and phone numbers given in their site. For more information please go to

About Boccicarta

Boccicarta provides all kinds of gifts items. They cater to different kinds of stationery and festive favors in the most creative packages. 


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