Boca Raton, FL; 04, April 2015: Boca Raton Center for Age Management is quickly becoming recognized as the go-to hub for age management therapies. Its founder and resident certified hormone replacement therapist Dr. Mitchell Matez is the local leading authority who offers industry leading technology in hormone therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy(HRT). 

Using only the finest, trusted, and cutting edge technologies in all procedures, BRC4AM is supported with knowledgeable staff on duty to facilitate personalized treatment that each patient gets from consultation to final procedure. 

Dr. Matez was the first physician in the South Florida region to offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in the form of implantable pellets making him a pioneer and trailblazer in the field. He has over a decade’s experience in HRT. To that end BRC4AM has become the “go-to” center for those currently undergoing therapy with limited or no success and those that have been unsuccessful with HRT in the past. Given all this experience, Matez is also a certified surgeon who handles not just hormone replacements but also other forms of complementary therapies such as IV therapy and nutraceutical supplementation. Functional medicine and aesthetic procedures are being added to the services in the near future. 

The clinic claims that clients who suffer a wide variety of symptoms from poor energy to mood swings and inability to lose weight despite exercise regimen and many others can be helped by their hormone therapies. 

BRC4AM is proud to announce that virtually all of the hormones prescribed through the clinic are completely bioidentical meaning they are exact molecular duplicates of human hormone. This is a safe way to replace hormones as opposed to the animal derived products and chemically synthesized hormones typically used in mainstream therapies. 

“If there’s a miracle cure that people can rely on, this could be that procedure!” says Dr. Matez. “it’s not every day that the public will see extreme results in fast-paced procedures that require little to zero effort on the patient’s part plus maintenance takes long enough to not even bother usual daily activities.” 

On the other hand, the accompanying procedures are handled expertly and will be administered only upon a client’s expressed approval. Pellet therapy for instance is a procedure that lets the surgeons place a small disc or cylinder under the skin in a quick, painless procedure that patients barely feel. In effect, it will deliver needed hormones to the body on a gradual effect, slowly dissolving over time. 

Nutraceuticals is guided natural supplementation to help create a balanced diet-exercise plan while IV therapy [intravenous] goes directly to the veins. Compared to other routes of administration [e.g. topical or by mouth], this route is the fastest and most efficient way available today. 

About Boca Raton Center for Age Management: 

Established under the guidance of Boca Raton’s leading pioneer in bioidentical hormone therapy, the physician-surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Matez, BRC4AM prides itself to be the go-to healthcare institution in Southern Florida providing hormone therapy procedures. Their mission is to provide clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to defy the qualitative aspects of aging. 

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