Contact: Michelle Dewitt
Company: Bob Korvas Agency
Address: 8111 N. Milwaukee Ave. Niles, IL 60714
Telephone No.: 847-470-8830
Email Address: [email protected]

Up until now, the name “Bob Korvas” is widely popular among many people as being the president-owner of the well-known Bob Korvas Agency, which is also known by the name Right from the start, he decided to establish an agency that never fails to satisfy his clients with the great services that his agency has to offer. Now, he is noted as the owner of a well established insurance agency for more than 30 straight years.

Nowadays, people are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to finding the right insurance program to fit their situation and needs. There are even times when one would rather decide to stop his search because of the struggles during the process of searching. There are some who do not even try to look for a company because of they consider it as a daunting task. Bob Korvas is very much aware about this matter, which is the very reason why he decided to help these people by establishing an all in one agency. Indeed, he didn’t fail to do so. By representing his clients interest first and foremost, and not just the insurance company’s, Bob’s agency works diligently for the best way to serve all their clients.

For the many years of experience Bob Korvas had gone through, he was able to prove that, he along with his team, has something big to do and this something big is his way of serving people to the best of his ability and efforts. In his 33 years of being the president-owner of Bob Korvas Agency, he already gained different forms of experiences when it comes to serving his customers, which is why it is not a surprise that he lasted in the industry for such a long time. Also, his insurance agency already has experiences and designations in terms of financial planning, financial consulting, risk management and sales training, municipal project developement that all became a part of his success.

This enabled him to do small upscale residential and some other community development projects. These projects primarily include the Custom Luxury Waterfront at Stanton point homes in Fox Lake ( He also accomplishes community residential development in Prospects Heights being the president and chairman of the Lake Clair Water Committee. This project actually brought the Lake Michigan water to be available for up to 162 prospect heights residents and Saint Alphonsus School.

For more information about Bob Korvas, send an email to [email protected]