Lincoln, Illinois — Enjoying cigarettes in electronic cigarettes in electronic form is the latest way for smokers to enjoy the pleasures of a smoke without offensive odor and tobacco residue and ash. BloNo Smoke offers a variety of e cigarette kits and e cig accessories, but until now pipe smokers have been forced to change not only their smoking habits but the delivery method they prefer. Now, with the introduction of a new e cig in pipe form, those who prefer pipes can also enjoy the benefits of the best e cig juice in a container that imitates the look and feel of a hand carved pipe. Finally, pipe smokers can enjoy the benefits of “vaping,” or vaporized smoking.

The BloNo method and starter e cig kit starter e cig kit represent a triumph for many smokers who want to shed the habit but are having trouble giving up the motions and feel of smoking. Customers can buy not only the eGo e cigarette or the new pipe container but also the best e liquid on the market through BloNo Smoke’s user-friendly website and save money on all new e cig products.

The new pipe is a handsome piece with a striped wooden bowl, and a stem that is sturdy and comfortable. Consumers can also buy a convenient wooden stand separately. Pipe aficionados will find it difficult to tell the difference between a traditional pipe and the new e cig refill liquid pipe—except for the smell and inconvenience.

The BloNo Starter Kit includes a 900 mah eGo battery, a Vision Clearomizer, a USB eGo charger and a leather case. Users charge the battery in a manner similar to a cell phone—plug in the USB charger to a wall outlet and insert the end into the unit. After inserting the Clearomizer unit and filling it with the e liquid, users are ready to atomize the flavor and taste of smoking without the heat or ash.

BloNo allows customers to buy e liquid buy e liquid in a wide variety of strengths and flavors. This can help smokers quit cigarettes or a pipe, especially if they step down the strength of the liquid gradually. BloNo offers not only a wide variety of ecig products, including the new pipe configuration, but also advice and help with friendly customer service.

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BloNo Smoke is dedicated to helping customers who want to substitute vaping or vaporized smoking for their old cigarette or pipe habits. BloNo offers a wide range of e cig products and delivery systems to suit every need.

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