Blackpool, United Kingdom; 08, July 2016: Householders like to furnish their windows in different ways. Some opt for curtains while others prefer blinds. Nowadays, there has been a rise in the popularity of Venetian blinds. But something that annoys many householders is the process of fitting them.

Blinds Superstore

Many people don't want to drill holes into their walls. Especially if they are renting their homes. One innovative solution to that problem is to install "no-drill" Venetian blinds. As the name suggests, this is where the blinds can get fitted without the need to drill into any walls.

Blinds Superstore is a leading supplier of Venetian blinds in the UK. They have seen a surge in the sales of no-drill Venetian blinds over the past two years. According to their research, here's why Britons love their no-drill Venetian blinds:

Made to measure blinds

The trouble with standard Venetian blinds is that the sizes available are often limited. That means one could end up with blinds that are too wide or too short, for example. The advantage of the Blinds Superstore's no-drill blinds is they are all made to measure.

All customers have to do is specify the UPVC window or door dimensions. They will then end up with blinds that are a perfect fit for their needs. One can go online and see perfect fit Venetians from Blinds Superstore at their website for more info.

An extensive range of colours

White isn't the only colour available for Venetian blinds! There is a veritable plethora of shades and tones that customers can buy. From a contemporary Soft Brown to a vibrant Buttercup Yellow, there's a colour to suit all needs!

The Blinds Superstore also cater to householders that want wood-effect Venetian blinds. Although the blinds are all made from aluminium, they have a striking wood effect to them. They too are available in a choice of colour and shades.

Easy to install

Even a novice DIYer can fit the no-drill Venetian blinds sold by the Blinds Superstore. They are a screw-free solution and allow blinds to get fitted fast. The way they work is simple. The brackets slide behind the seal of a UPVC window or door. Next, the blinds get clipped onto the brackets. That's it!

The whole process takes a matter of seconds. There is no need to damage paint or plaster on the walls. One also has unobstructed access to windows and doors. The added advantage is that the blinds offer a more flush and sleek look.

Not just for the living room

The beauty of the no-drill Venetians from Blinds Superstore is they can go on any UPVC doors and windows. Fitting them in bathrooms, conservatories, and bedrooms is possible.

About Blinds Superstore:

Blinds Superstore is one of the UK's biggest online suppliers of blinds. From Venetians and verticals to roller and vision roller blinds. The company stocks blinds in a variety of sizes and colours to suit all needs.

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