Blair Stover, a noted entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, offers other business owners tips for pulling ahead of the competition in his newest blog post, "Entrepreneurial Gold Is Not In the Fads." This post discusses ways to identify the right type of business to ensure success.

According to Blair Stover, a commercial and entrepreneurial expert who has successfully managed several large companies, being an entrepreneur and a leader is not about being the first or the biggest but finding a niche and filling it well.

According to Stover's latest blog post, located on the web at , investing in the latest trend is not necessarily the best way to grow a business. Instead, sustainable growth can often be built on businesses that serve a real need.

In the latest blog post on , Mr. Stover focuses on the steps for identifying a niche for businesses that want to succeed in any type of industry. He focuses on asking questions that clarify the issue. The questions assist entrepreneurs in identifying areas that could benefit from a particular business by making life easier for a particular group, standing out from the crowd, teaching others to do something or simply doing what makes the business owner happy.

Blair Stover, located on the web at , offers easy-to-follow instructions for business owners who want to identify and fill particular business niches in order to create a successful company.

About Blair Stover:

As an entrepreneur who has successfully launched several businesses, Blair Stover offers advice to up-and-coming business owners and those who want to increase their incomes through his blog and other publications. Mr. Stover is an experienced tax attorney and consultant who specializes in corporate acquisitions, reorganizations and mergers.

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