Hollywood, CA (28 Monday, January 2013) — BlackPearl Media Group (BPM) is proud to announce a premiere Advertising package for firms of all sizes, who seek to target local and national markets. Blackpearl Media group will start the pre-sale of its commercials at an introductory discount of 25% off for local and national commercial spots starting January 25, 2013.

BlackPearl Media Group is currently the largest channel owner on Wisecast Cable Television. With 71 channels and over 3 million subscribers and growing, BlackPearl is an attractive distribution platform for advertisers. With the ability to provide for local, regional and national campaigns across all of its channel brands, BlackPearl is emerging as a premiere outlet for independent artists of film, television and music. The channel brands include 67 Music Select channels, and four video broadcast channels, Emerge Television, MY E-TV, Luminar Latino and CrackUp Comedy. The diverse programming exposes advertisers to the age demographics ranging from 10 to 60, as well as other target audiences.

Unique features of  Wisecast Cable and BlackPearl Media Group channels are: a viewing audience of 3 million and growing, ability to broadcast video ads on traditionally audio only music channels, ability to broker product placement and other ad campaigns with content providers, diverse audience spectrum, independent content provider friendly, advertiser safe content, Pay per View and On Demand options, flexible programming and more.

Additionally, Wisecast Cable and BlackPearl Media Group delivers content directly to your television or computer desktop while broadcasting LIVE in HD. No more buffering or wait times for programming and now your Ad content can be delivered clearly and instantly to subscribers. Wisecast Cable and BlackPearl channels can be accessed for FREE by visiting www.wisecast.tv and downloading the software, just click “Subscribe.”

Advertisers and firms small to large are invited to take advantage of these strategic advertising and marketing opportunities. Come join an elite network of entertainment companies who operate internationally, by putting worldwide advertising business at your fingertips. To request additional information please send all inquiries to [email protected] Customized packages are available.

About BlackPearl Media Group: BlackPearl Media Group (BPMG) is owned and operated by media personality Chris Black. Black Pearl Media Group operates as an entertainment company that offers positive, audio and visual entertainment to a diverse group of consumers. Black Pearl Media Group Inc. is committed to wholesome entertainment across its channel brands and firmly believes that quality entertainment can be realized without compromising commercial appeal. The Company’s team of professionals distinguishes itself through the commitment it undertakes with each project. Our mission is to provide ad safe entertainment television by providing compelling content form independent as well as branded artist and firms. Learn more by visiting www.blackpearlmediagroup.com