China, June 23, 2014: In the current age of technology-integrated lifestyle, proper maintenance of health and fitness has been pushed down the priority-list. People do not have enough time to carryout daily chores. VICI Beauty and Massage Centre is one place that can be immensely beneficial for especially for urban and suburban dwellers in Beijing. It provides healthy massage that helps people keep away tiredness and strain and get back their lost confidence and smile. The massage parlour remains open throughout the year in order to make its services available for irrespective of the time-preference of different people. 

Every part and internal organ of the human body has different level of functionality. However, in the current age of information-technology and computer-dependant work, people engage in less physical activity throughout the day and are left with little time to indulge in sports regularly. Thus, not all the organs and parts of the body are not used to their potential and get affected severely as result. Good massage therapy is a viable alternative to sports, exercise and various health supplements. Massage therapies can compensate for the reduction in sports and exercise. If people can manage to include both massage sessions and sports and exercise, they can enjoy the best fitness. 

VICI Beauty and Massage Centre is a well-equipped parlour with trained masseurs and masseuses. It has invested on good-quality instrument for various purposes such as breast building, body shaping, weight loss, needleless whitening permeation, spectrum massage, infrared treatment massage and bosom vibration massage. Massages done at VICI are effective for the prevention against or quicker recovery from various issues that affect emotional and mental condition of common people. Small pox, skin speckle, bad skin colour, hair loss, nervous headache, constipation, indigestion, insomnia, migraine, tiredness and rheumatic pain can be eventually healed by massages or the healing process can be catalysed. Happy massage done by VICI professionals is directly effective on pain in wais, shoulder, neck and muscles. 

Various ingredients and instruments used in a good massage therapy have different effect. They strengthen micro-circulation in skin and make it smooth, improve skin-colour, upgrade immunity, keep physical balance, adjust internal organ-functions, strengthen physical power, relax muscle, strengthen metabolism, remove blood stasis and invigorate blood circulation. There are different therapies for different effect. Visitors to VICI can explain their condition to the attendant and the appropriate treatment can be advised to them. They may a therapy entirely by themselves too. Considerable discount is offered on all services and products of VICI. Besides, the hotline remains open 24 x 365 to answer queries. 

About VICI Beauty and Massage Centre: 


VICI Beauty and Massage Centre is located in Sun Thirsty Apartment by the World Trade Bridge in Chaoyang District of Beijing. It is at 3-minutes walking-distance from The World Trade Station and 2-minutes from the bus station. Its employees can speak foreign language.