UK; 12 August, 2015: It is quite difficult for Small Business owners to bear the expenditure of launching professional websites with custom domain names. In this context Bizzone can be the ideal destination for every small business owner currently without a web site of their own because it is specialized in providing various freewebsite creationservices particularly to the small business sector.

Subject to certain conditions, will set up a small business web site at no charge to the client. The only charge to the client is for domain name registration and hosting. The domain name and hosting are both in the name of the client and thus owned by them and not

The free web site service mainly comprises of installation of the WordPress content management system, creation of the web site using a WordPress theme, up to five pages of content including: about your business, your services/offerings/products, blog set-up, contact form. Please visit for full details of the free web site service offering.

Bizzone owner Andy said about the service and his inspiration for launching it: “Some friends are small business owners. Well, sole traders. Neither had an internet presence and asked me to create web sites for them. Did just that and they are very happy with the result as evidenced by the testimonials they have given on the site.

“It struck me that if my friends were without sites, how many other sole traders and small business owners may be in the same boat — no web site — and potentially missing out on business as a result..”

“Thus I decided to put an offering together available aimed specifically at sole traders and small business owners to provide them with a free web site creation service. I can do it for free via a partnership with a leading web hosting company. On condition that the client is a confirmed referral via myself then the web site will be set up for free including the features explained on”

“If your business does not have a domain name and web site then it could well be costing you custom. A custom domain name and web site puts you on the map, gives you a solid internet presence and identity as well as opening up a number of additional marketing and client acquisition and retention opportunities.”

“I’d ask any small business owners and sole traders reading this to have a look at our web site to see exactly what we are offering and how to go about commissioning us to get started on their free web site. There is a full FAQ and process explained.”


Although is based in UK it provides its free web site services all over the world.

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