Keith Gilabert of Fina V Capital says, “Bitcoin is a very powerful vehicle as this asset offers investors liquidity as markets suffer their worst start to a trading year on record.”

Beverly Hills, CA, USA- The global markets in the first eight days of trading have loss over $3.17 trillion according to Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst at S&P Dow Hones Indices.  Further adding pressure to the Global economy is crude oil prices dropping to a 13 year low of $27.00 a barrel.

The President of Fina V Capital Keith Gilabert stated, “Market volatility actually helps promote alternative assets such as Bitcoin (BTC).  In times of fear and hysteria, sophisticated investors such as hedge funds and venture capitalist seek out alternative investment opportunities that offer upside and liquidity, which Bitcoin offers both.”

Fina V has issued a short term target of $450.00 for Bitcoin with the next resistance at $600.00.

Gilabert states, “Bitcoin is still considered a highly speculative investment because it is a commodity just like gold or oil, so the virtual currency could easily rise or fall based on supply and demand.  But the advantage Bitcoin has is that it is backed by actual buyers that take physical delivery instead of speculators that trade oil and gold multiple times a day.”

Winklevoss Capital, headed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who came up with the idea that that gave Mark Zuckerberg the inspiration of Facebook,  stated that Bitcoin could achieve a market value of $400 Billion.

Reuters reported, if you take the M2 money supply of the USA and apply it to the 21 million Bitcoins and they become accepted currency, in theory you could have a $524,000.00 coin.

“Bitcoin over the last 12 months hit a low of $203.00 and a high of $456.00, what make Bitcoin so attractive is that this time last year investors were extremely bearish on the cryptocurrency and it still held support at $200.00.” according to Gilabert.

Fina VC reports the current environment for Bitcoin is positive due to the global oil crisis.  The low oil prices are affecting capital markets on a global scale.  The single largest Sovereign Wealth Fund belongs to the United Arab Emirates.  The current oil glut caused by over production and decreased demand has damaged the infrastructure of many countries including the USA.  Gilabert states, “the economies of these oil rich countries in the Middle East and South America are based on maintaining oil at $78.00 a barrel.  Oil is now at $27.00 a barrel.”

Gilabert states, “this time around Bitcoin is rising because investors are holding the currency unlike in 2013 when you had speculators take the currency up to over $1,000.00 for a quick flip and then crash when China made the currency illegal.  China is not major holder of Bitcoin but I do expect China in the near future to begin investing.  The Chinese government has never been successful at curtailing capitalism, and the next frontier for capitalism is Bitcoin.”

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