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As it is known to all, 2014 Brazil World Cup will open soon. All the people pay attention to Brazil, a passionate country. Except the upcoming World Cup, the people’s living environment is also attracted extensive attention.

In an recently interview at Hong Kong,CEO Howard from British Bitcoin Development LTD announced, “we will donate three percent of the total sales from their branch company, P2Pslot sports betting platform, during World Cup to the poor children in Brazil. The donation will be used for buying books, toys, and stationary and so on. We sincerely hope it will improve the living quality of the poor children.”

According to P2PSLOT ( ) news, this donation will be completed by the staff in Brazil. Also, it is the first case that uses Bitcoin to help the poor children in the global. But It is not so clear about the way of donating, privately or cooperate with local government.

During the last five years, Bitcoin has been widely accepted in many countries. But the governments still keep different attitude. It is hope the donation will promote the development of charity with Bitcoin.

The ongoing donation campaign will be reported in the near future and it is believed by them more and more Bitcoin companies will join the charity activities.

Contact Person: Howard Fung
Company: Bitcoin Development Ltd
Phone number: (852)30697107