(Free Press Release)
Birds need you this summer

An unique appeal from 24x7 Foundation

Indore-11 April 2011. God is great! He has made, such a wonderful world. Innumerable creatures take birth here and pass away after completing their innings.

Amongst several creatures, birds have their own significance. They are of different kinds. Their identity is noticed through feathers, colours, voice and many more things, but thirst of water is a common factor among all. Though they themselves are capable to search the water sources, but during summer, they cry for water, as most of the water sources, e.g. rivers, ponds have lack of water or without water.

It is therefore our duty to make them available water so that the poor birds may in take water. Looking at the grieves of birds. 24x7 Foundation, a social organization of Indore has launched a campaign. “Birds need you this summer”.

It has been made an appeal to all to place, water pots (SAKORA) at terrace, balcony, compound walls, so that the birds may drink water particularly during hot season. Believe it that after drinking water these birds will shower blessings upon you. The organization has also made available the water pots, which may be collected from it‘s Indore office.

The organization runs several other social activites, e.g., assistance to poor girls for education, helping senior citizens for their lively hood, provision of grains and other daily requirement to the families living below poverty lines, and many more.

24x7 Foundation appeals all to contribute towards social causes like above,

For more details, please contact:
Atul Malikram
[email protected]