Tampa, FL — Tightly Wound, Loosely Bound: The Memoir of a Life Bipolar has received extensive praise since its recent release. One reviewer said, “Reading the author's experiences was very helpful in understanding bipolar disorder. I didn't realize that those with bipolar could recall what happened in their manic state. I highly recommend reading this book.” Another added, “Excellent detailed account of a man's successful handling of the mental illness, bipolar disorder. Reading this lifts the ignorance much of the public shares with such a mental illness.”

Some controversy, however, has emerged in the initial critiques. One reviewer complained, “I fear he remains in a partially manic state, his delusions of grandeur remain throughout this memoir.”

The book is a true life memoir of a man with bipolar disorder, a mental and psychological disorder that afflicts more than four a half million in America, according to the book’s description. The book includes a “frequently asked questions” section to inform readers about bipolar disorder.

The book was recently released by Schlimmer Publishing and is available for purchase(http://amzn.to/1mlOqZ1) on Amazon.com. Schlimmer Publishing sells eBooks by promising authors who have not yet been discovered by the major print publishers. The book can be read on Kindle, iPad, smart phone, or personal computer.

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