Phoenix, Arizona - Non chlorine pool systems firm, Bionizer Ltd is seeking potential distributors, says CEO Ian Jones.

Bionizer employs NASA-developed silver/copper ionization and has over 14 years experience in using natural methods of pool and spa control in Australia. It already exports to over 17 countries.

Bionizer  is currently launching its latest Australian designed and manufactured digitally-controlled pool ionizer to the USA market.

With Time Magazine, Washington Post, USA Today and scores of global media revealing these past few weeks that 'peeing in the pool' creates dangerous neurotoxins when urine mixes with chlorine, many families are asking for  alternatives  to traditional chlorine pool sanitization.

“We see a huge gap in the market for non-chlorine and salt-free alternatives,”says Jones. “We’re the leading pool ionization firm in Australia  under the Bioniser brand and it is definitely the right time to bring a robust chlorine free and salt free system to the USA, Europe and Asia.”

“With the realization in the USA that chlorine sanitization of pools creates a dangerous toxic soup when swimmers urinate — which is frequent — a much cheaper, healthier non chlorine and non-corrosive (salt corrodes pool surrounds) pool system is the way to go.“

“This chlorine free trend is definitely gathering momentum in Australia,” says Jones, “and Australia has set the global trend for healthier pool systems in the past.”

Ian Jones can be contacted at [email protected] or visit the website at