Get to know more about HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter

Amazon customers are happy about HealthyWiser’s digital handheld pH meter. After purchasing and trying the product, they shared some good reviews about the pH meter. This article takes a look at the newest customer reviews for the digital handheld pH meter.

A doctoral degree student in the field of biological sciences indicated that the product is "a reliable tool" for testing the pH levels of some solutions. The student also shared how the product can promote the importance of proper calibration before using the digital handheld pH meters.

“I am primarily using this instrument for measuring the pH of water that I use for home brewing beer. For this application, the pH meter proves quite critical, since extraction of soluble sugars from malted barley depends upon pH,” the student in New York City wrote on Amazon.

The customer also reviewed the importance of having the right calibration before using the pH meters for testing.

“As with any pH probe, the measurements you obtain will only be as good as your calibration. I would also like to note that the reading of the instrument will be influenced by the matrix in which the [analysis] is contained… All this being said, I am confident,” the customer added.

More customer reviews are coming in. Another Amazon customer used the product for testing the pH of the Kombucha tea.

“I purchased this test to make my own Kombucha tea. In order to get the pH just right, a quality pH tester is a must… I have been able to make a few batches of tea, and they are coming out perfect,” the customer wrote on Amazon.

The HealthyWiser digital handheld pH is a product that offers better pH testing for customers. It has a digital monitor that shows pH readings in a few seconds. The auto calibration function provides pH testing in the most reliable way as possible.

The HealthyWiser digital pH meter with ATC offers great functions for swimming pools, reverse osmosis systems, drinking water, filtration systems and more. The product is noted for being portable and compact. For more information about HealthyWiser's digital pH meter with ATC, visit their Amazon page. More customer reviews and product features are found on the page.

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