Miami, Florida; 06, November 2015: According to the company, during the press conference of the company held yesterday at Miami, Florida, BioGlaciere is not a scam product in the market. “Our formula is legitimate and authentic in the market. This is never a scam. This is the reason why there are a lot of published BioGlaciere reviews in the World Wide Web these days,” revealed Anna Cunningham, spokesperson.

“If our product is a scam; then, there would be no posting of favorable reviews in the Internet, as simple as that. Clearly speaking, there are a lot of people, who have had posted their reviews online to manifest the truth behind the true potency of this product,” added the spokesperson.

Why is this product effective? The effectiveness of this skincare solution is due to the formulated components, which are all taken from the herbs’ extracts. The used ingredients constitute the nutrients, minerals and collagen boosters.

The collagen boosters of this product serve as the main reason why BioGlaciere is really celebrated these days. People are seeing the positive results through their daily consumption of this product.

“This is a powerful skincare brand. As a matter of fact, after just 15 days, the large pores and eye puffiness I had had been suffering for years had gradually gone. This is not a boastful claim. This claim is based on my real experience,” unveiled Ms. Claire Thomas on her BioGlaciere review. She is a regular consumer of the product.

The company had also revealed that later or sooner, they would be implementing a price promotional scheme to allow a lot of people to enjoy this product.

“As of now, we are offering a BioGlaciere risk-free trial program for people to avail online. There is no need to pay right away for this product. Anybody must only pay for the freight and handling cost in order to try it risk-free," concluded Ms. Cunningham.

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