(Free Press Release) Disability advocates, Charles and Harry Binder, have recently reviewed their website binderandbinder.com in order to help out Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI claimants to acquaint themselves with the social security law and evaluate their chances at winning these claims.

While everybody hopes to fit and fine forever and spend the rest of their lives happily, but there are some unforeseen circumstances too that nobody ever thinks of or are ready to confront. After all, disabilities are also a bitter truth especially when they turn into terminal illnesses and hamper one‘s inherent ability to work and move around. However, not many disabled workers are aware of the social security programs implemented by the US federal government to help them walk through their lives. “Government doesn‘t advertise it,” says Charles Binder, “When they send you your annual statement about how much you have in your social security plan they don‘t tell you anything about the program or what it does or who it is for.”

The website aims to acquaint one and all of the various social security programs for the disabled and help visitors seek professional assistance from the Binder brothers, who have, over the last few decades, earned the tag of “advocates for the disabled”. Charles Binder cities the case of an orphaned woman whom he helped claim the rights to Medicare and benefits pertaining to her hearing disability, and says, “At the end of the day I know what I do has made a difference to other peoples lives.”

Offering a free evaluation to the claimants to help them analyze if their medical disorder substantiates their SSDI claims, the disability advocates further aim to clear the myths and general perception vis-a-vis SSDI and Supplemental Security Income or SSI. Claiming to be the largest SSDI advocacy group within the US, the team of disability advocates at the Binder & Binder law firm offers tips and relevant information pertaining to social security tax or FICA, besides making a specific mention of the disability determination factors on their website.

When it comes to social security, it‘s important to note that only around 19 percent of the total benefits are sanctioned to disabled workers in the age group of 21 to 64 and a good 69 percent of the workforce is not insured with regards to a long-term disability. Understanding the legal jargon associated with the filing of claims for SSDI is not everybody‘s cup of tea, and that is perhaps one of the reasons why a good percentage of applications are rejected ab initio; other reason being the large number of applications received by the Social Security Administration.

Through their website, the social security disability advocates plan to spread awareness regarding the levels pertaining to appeal and the predominant spheres of authority, including the SSA Appeals Council and the US Federal District Court. Making their services available online, the Binder & Binder law firm seem to have taken the right initiatives in a bid to streamline the legal procedures concerning SSDI claims and make law accessible to one and all.

For more information about social security disability visit www.binderandbinder.com.


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