Let's get the facts...Why Advertise Online?

The Internet is the "essential component" of any "major ad campaign", personal or commercial!

Here's what's driving this new advertising reality:
Customers, Consumers, Employers, and Net-Workers Are Online - All the Time!

The simple truth is: Biltmore Who's Who Clients need to go where customers, consumers, employers and net-workers are, in order to reach them. Reality is, more and more, customers, consumers, employers and net-workers are online all the time!

*By the end of 2002, Nielsen/NetRatings tallied the worldwide internet population at over half a billion people, and eMarketer projects that number will go up over 3-4 Billion by 2009.

Media Consumption Is Shifting
Your target markets - male, female, young and old -- are now spending time "online" that they once devoted to traditional media like magazines, TV and radio.

*When the Online Publishers Association studied the overall media usage of at-work Web users throughout a typical 24-hour day, the organization revealed in its 2002 report that "this affluent, highly educated group now spends more time on the Internet on a typical Monday-Friday than they spend watching television."

"Online" Works When TV Doesn't"
How's this for a shocker? Some sought-after markets barely respond to TV anymore.
*As noted in a McDonald's 2002 Cross Media Optimization Study conducted by ARF Research Authority, Dynamic Logic and Marketing Evolution, 27% of McDonald's Grilled Chicken Sandwich campaign target market between the ages of 18-49 with online access were either lightly covered or not touched at all by the campaign's TV spots.
So, we know advertising "online" is essential, but for which campaign goals?
The fact is, online advertising can improve ROI no matter what the mission of the campaign

Brand Lift (Personal Recognition)
Advertisers are finding that shifting dollars "online" bolsters brand / personal recognition (For Biltmore Who's Who Clients, it equals "personal" recognition!)

Biltmore Who's Who "Online" profiles enable direct response like never before. Viewers can immediately click to learn more about you, your products / goods / services, and register for information right there on the spot.

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