Many riders are true enthusiasts and they take their bikes wherever they go, planning their vacation according to availability of tracks and places to explore while cycling. However, there are situations when people require bike transportation occasionally and they don’t want to purchase special cases for them. In some situations, they tend to be expensive and for occasional use, some consider it is not worth the trouble. The great benefit is that bike box hire services exist, allowing to rent a suitable box for the desired period of time. Bike box rental refers to some of the best boxes on the market.

Bike box hire services are provided by companies that specialize in offering a wide variety of boxes, from different manufacturers, charging usually per day and having their own policies. More to it, even the greatest manufacturers can provide bike box rental for their products, offering great prices and the assurance that you will have a box when your travel is planned. For example, Bike Box Alan offers delivery & collect services, for added convenience, without the need to do anything than pack your bike and enjoy the experience and new destination.

You have to specify important information about your departure and arrival date, how many boxes you require and your personal information, such as name, address and telephone number where you can be reached. When considering bike box hire, you should choose only the best boxes, to have peace of mind that your bike is well packed and nothing will happen to it during transportation. Bike Box Alan provides seven-year guarantee, being one of the sturdiest boxes on the market, designed out of high-quality materials, with cushioned Velcro straps and a pole within the box, added to increase safety.

Packing the bike within the box doesn’t take much effort and with the given instructions you will certainly manage to easy. However, what matters is choosing a box that matches the size of the bike, so you know for sure it fits and you don’t waste valuable time and money. Considering bike box rental applies to different boxes, you should evaluate your bike’s specifications and check out compatibility and fitting. Bike boxes are easy to carry even at airports and through train stations, they are sturdy and even if they are not handled with care by luggage handlers, you can rest assured your bike remains in a good condition inside.

Taking your bike around is easier thanks to these ingenious products, as you don’t have to worry about getting the bike scratched or damaged in any way. You can explore surroundings and tracks better with your own bike, not having to rent one while in vacation. Some invest considerably in their bikes and they want to be able to carry them around easily. This is now possible with bike boxes, no matter if you purchase them for long use or if you simply want to use bike box hire.

Do you require a bike box for a certain period of time? Why not choose   bike box hire  ? You don’t have to purchase the box, as you can consider  bike box rental  for the needed period of time.