Big Switch turns into a battlefield for the Raeeszades

~Contestants dig their own grave by turning good times into bitter memories~



After the unexpected elimination last week, frustration builds in the camp as the contestants face their 9th week in Big Switch 4.


This time around, the arrogant Haneet prioritizes himself over the team and calls in sick for the job. The other contestants await the new Big twist at the job location. The teams are switched! Big Brother asks the team leaders to pick their team members.


The task, this time, not only involves the whiney Raeeszaades to set up the camp for another bunch of campers but also feed and entertain them as long as they stay. It’s troublesome for them as they get a taste of their own medicine.


As the contestants reach the base camp after a day of hard work expecting eliminations, a pleasant surprise awaits them. But will this joy last long?


Witness the biggest fight Big Switch 4 has never seen before! Will the other contestants stand up for what’s right? Will justice prevail in the camp?



To find out tune in to Big Switch 4 this Sunday, 10th March 2013, at 7pm!




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Atul Malikram