Lucknow, January , 2013: BIG Memsaab, BIG MAGIC’s popular show in Central India aiming to bring forth the hidden talents of housewives in the region is all set to unveil the Top 8 finalists for its sixth season. The show which has been focusing on auditions across 8 towns and cities in Uttar Pradesh has now reached its final leg as the Top 8 Memsaabs step into the limelight to showcase their best as they vie for the title of BIG Memsaab. The finalists will be unveiled over the course of the coming week on the episodes which will air between 14th and 17th January, 2013 at 2.30pm on BIG MAGIC.


During the next week, BIG Memsaab will feature the lives, backgrounds and stories of the Top 8 finalists chosen from the thousands of housewives who auditioned for the show. The episodes will also highlight their inspiring journey which has led them to the final leg of BIG Memsaab. The final 8 who will showcase their talent in an attempt to impress the judges along with host Parul Chauhan are Bindu Mishra from Lucknow, Anupriya Doshi from Kanpur, Indu Yadav from Varanasi, Vartika Mittal from Muzzafarnagar, Archana Chandra from Ghaziabad, Parul Kumar from Moradabad, Neetu Gupta from Aligarh and Sarita Pandey from Faizabad


As the weeks progress, the finalists will go through a series of rounds which will test their skills and abilities bringing out the best in them. But at the end of this journey, only one of the 8 finalists will be crowned the BIG Memsaab of the sixth season. So who will reign supreme?


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Monday to Thursday at 2.30pm