BIG Memsaab Season 7 Auditions reach Bareily


After winning the hearts of audiences season after season, BIG MAGIC’s talent hunt for the housewives, BIG Memsaab, in its seventh season, has reached the next city in search of this season’s most talented housewife from the heartland — Bareily.


With the aim to crown the BIG Memsaab Season 7 finalist from Bareily, the show takes the city by storm as more than 250 housewives throng the auditions to showcase their complete best. Hosted by television actress ParulChauhan along with actor Priyesh Sharma, BIG Memsaab Season 7’s auditions in Bareily shortlist a set of 32 contestants who put their best foot forward as they showcase their dance moves to win the hearts and votes of the judges. As 16 contestants make the cut, they are broken down into groups of 4 each to battle it out to the fight to the top. Bareily’s Top 4 housewives Rashmi, Karishma, Pooja and Priya engage in the ultimate battle of the week after which the most talented of them all takes the winning position and is crowned the BIG Memsaab of Bareily — a finalist!


Bareily’s BIG Memsaab will be the city’s sole representative in the Grand Finale which will bring together the most talented housewives of Uttar Pradesh in a war of sorts as they continue the journey to the top to win the title of BIG Memsaab in its seventh season. So who will emerge victorious and represent her town in the state-finals of BIG Memsaab Season 7 on BIG MAGIC?


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Monday to Sunday at 2.30pm