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BIG Memsaab‘s Lucknow & Agra City Finale on BIG Magic this weekend

Lucknow, November 2011: The city of Lucknow would never have seen something of this magnitude ever before. The simple ladies of the region, who are responsible home makers, step out in to a world they have never been exposed to, they prove to all that there's more to them than eye can see! This Saturday, November 26th, the episode of BIG Memsaab is special-the City Finale will have the viewers hooked to the TV screens as the enthusiastic participants will step on the stage to showcase the best of their talent with perfection & style. The episode begins with the shortlisted TOP 16 women competing in the talent round---from the usual song and dance to aerobics and even bargaining!
However the show stealer turned out to be none other than a woman who does the bharat natyam to an R&B number! The top 7 then compete in a question answer round giving the judge some stellar answers to tough questions about family, friends, profession & infidelity.
The Sunday episode begins with the introduction round in the city of Agra. Over 70 women introduced themselves in truly unique ways. The Agra city finale had the much loved and very popular senior singing talent Kartar Singh (from X factor) as a judge. While some sang their entire life story, others kept it short and simple. Some women used this opportunity to share their poetry a truly heart rending poem on female foeticide simply touched every heart. The one single thought that brought these women together and echoed in each of their stories was that "we are proud to be women and are just as good as men!”As the episodes of BIG Memsaab reaches its climax you see a star is born every day!
There's more to the City Finale, so stay tuned to scintillating episode of BIG Memsaab to know the winners of the Lucknow & Agra City Finale, only ON BIG MAGIC on November 26th & 27th, Saturday -Sunday at 8:30pm.

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