Big magic to conduct auditions for ‘mele ka big star season 3’ at uttar pradesh’s

Dargah shariff mela




Behraich: After two consecutive thunderous seasons, BIG MAGIC is all set to present audiences with the third edition of its talent hunt show aiming at uncovering the best entertainers from the country’s melas ‘Mele Ka BIG Star Season 3’. Auditions reach Behraich, on 29th and 30th June, 2013 as the show’s team reaches Uttar Pradesh’s Behraich DARGAH SHARIFF MELA. With auditions having kicked off with Meerut and having covered 6 melas already, Mele Ka BIG Star Season 3 will soon go on air on BIG MAGIC.


Other than the Behraich Dargah Shariff Mela, auditions for Mele Ka BIG Star Season 3 are being conducted across some of the most-loved melas in Central India, which include Devi Patan Mela (Balrampur), and Harda Numaish Mela (Harda) among others. By the end of the auditions, 32 finalists will be shortlisted who will compete among themselves and put their best foot forward in an attempt to be crowned winners of Mele Ka BIG Star Season 3. With contestants on Mele Ka BIG Star Season 2 having raised the bar of expectations from the contestants, the auditioning contestants have their work cut out for them as they ready themselves to showcase their absolute best.


With Behraich being one of the most culturally rich cities in Uttar Pradesh, it leaves little doubt that the winner-hopefuls that will audition at the Dargah Shariff Mela will be some of the most-talented individuals from the region. But how will these performers fare? Will they be able to give takkar to the contestants who championed last season? Only time will tell…


For now, BIG MAGIC’s talent show from the melas of Central India, Mele Ka BIG Star Season 3 will be conducting auditions at the Dargah Shariff Mela in Behraich on 29th and 30th June, 2013.


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