STOKE-ON-TRENT, Staffordshire, U.K. - $710,000 in 28-days is one entrepreneur and internet marketing enthusiast managed to achieve. As one of the biggest online earners to ever grace the internet, Vic Strizheus has already helped dozens of bidding beginners to begin earning up to $50,000 per month through taking advantage of one of the most powerful network marketing opportunities to ever exist - The Empower Network.

In short, The Empower Network has grown to become a 7-figure online business. The idea behind the system is simple. Members sign up, choose a plan and receive informational training on search engine optimization and internet marketing. From there, they receive their own website and have the opportunity to market the exact same information they bought to begin receiving 100% commission. With products ranging from between $25 and $5,000, it's no wonder that members are making 5-figure monthly incomes. After all, one sale can potentially earn an affiliate up to $5,000 in commission.

Big Idea Mastermind, launched by Strizheus, aims to educate beginners on how to get started with internet marketing, and how to funnel traffic into The Empower Network system to begin earning large commissions. The information given away by Strizheus is completely free, and anybody can get started by simply submitting their e-mail address. Once signed up, users receive a comprehensive training course that teaches them how to begin making money online.

The system has proven to be successful too, with some of Strizheus' students banking over $50,000 in a month. However, these figures are not realistic for everybody. A much more realistic figure of earnings which are easily achievable lie between $2,000 and $5,000 - dependent on time spent marketing. Better still, the Big Idea Mastermind system is built to double profits each and every month.

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