Pune, June 27th, 2012:  The sweet sounds of musical instruments, hymns and chants fill the air as soon as the season of Palkhi starts. A tradition as old as 1000 years, Palkhi was started by Sant Tukaram's son Narayanmaharaj in 1685 and continues to be an annual ritual for lakhs of followers, or ‘warkaris’ as they are popularly known, today. ‘Bheti Lagi Jeeva’ highlights the passion and devotion of pilgrims, who come together from different parts of Maharashtra with a motive to share their fidelity with God from Saturday, 29th June 2013 everyday at 7:30 pm only on IBN-Lokmat.

The devotees of the Warkari clan gather every year on the eleventh day of the bright moon in the month of Aashaad to reach the temple town of Pandharpur, and get a glimpse of Lord Vitthal. The clan, which consisted of only a handful of followers about half a century ago, today boasts of lakhs of warkaris. The devotees carry saffron flags, idols of Sant Tukaram and Sant Dnyaneshwar and Tulsi saplings in shining brass ‘tulshivrundavans’ and present a picture of fierce devotion.

The Palkhi’s daily schedule is well defined & firmly followed. Early dawn, after worshipping the footwear of the Saint, the Palkhi begins exactly at six. This yatra is an inspiration of supreme dedication to a personal deity of Lord Panduranga. Lakhs of devotees take part in the yatra and every year the number only increases. Reaching Pandharpur in hundreds of thousands, the warkaris represent an enigmatic unbroken tradition, which has cut across centuries and barriers of caste and creed, despite the austerity and hardships involved. The phenomenon can only be understood in the words of those who embark on the amazing pilgrimage.

For all the worshippers who could not attend this year’s Wari, here is a chance to get a feeling that they were with the procession. Experience this epic 21-day journey right in front of your television screens as IBN-Lokmat brings unmatched coverage of Wari from Saturday, 29th June 2013 everyday at 7:30 pm only on IBN-Lokmat.