One of the most auspicious time of the year is when the Wari travels from various parts of Maharashtra, with a feeling of devotion and love for lord Vithal, also known as Vithoba. This is in the month of June & July, ‘Ashad’ as per the Hindu calendar. The palkhi is a long procession of devotees called, ‘Warkaris’ who walk relentlessly creating an atmosphere of intense prayers, piousness, and desire to reach their destination where they hope to meet their lord Vithoba. Tune into IBN-Lokmat this from Thursday 19th June 2014 onwards at 7.30 pm to see the Warkaris walk their way to the holy destination, Pandharpur in a special show “Bheti Laagi Jeeva”, an epic journey of devotion & celebration to the pilgrims of Lord Vithoba .

It is one of the most colourful and vibrant event in the whole of Maharashtra. There is a deep feeling of brotherhood and empathy that arises connecting people on a much higher level than just materialistic transactions. We also get to see many others who aren’t a part of the wari but still come out to help the warkaris continue their walk with the same energy and enthusiasm by providing them with water, food and shelter. This doesn’t only keep them going physically strong, but also makes them emotionally inspired. The palkhi emanates a roar of bhajans and prayers that seem to be eliminating the evil all the way and cleansing the entire city. There are also a few foreigners who join the spirit and walk with the palkhi. The total number of devotees to march along the palkhi route this year is expected to be 2.50 lakhs. The journey from Alandi & Dehu to Pandharpur lasts for 21 days.
Join into the procession of Sant Tukaram & Sant Dyaneshwar Palkhi to Pandharpur along with the devoted pilgrims undauntedly walking with a faith & conviction to meet the lord Vitthal in a special show “Bheti Laagi Jeeva” only on IBN Lokmat, this Thursday onwards, 19th May 2014 at 7.30 pm.
Catch the repeat telecast of the divine yatra “Bheti Lagi Jeeva” at 7.30am & 12.30pm next day, only on IBN-Lokmat.